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Resources to probe protein structure-function relationships

Protein Function Resources

The Gene Ontology (GO) project is a major bioinformatics initiative with the aim of standardizing the representation of gene and gene product attributes across species and databases. 

Protein Function resources linked within the SBKB

The SBKB has collected annotations from the following protein function and protein expression resources, accessible through a sequence or ID-based search. Click the [+] symbol to learn more about a resource, or follow the hotlinked name to take you directly to the resource's homepage.

Database Function Annotations Search Structure by Function Pathway / Protein-Protein Interactions Function Prediction Medical / Disease Annotations Expression Data WIKIs/User Annotation

ArrayExpressMicroarray expression datadatabase of functional genomics experiments including gene expression. • [+]


BindingDBBinding affinitiesdatabase of measured binding affinities. • [+]


BRENDAGeneral informationBRENDA: The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System. • [+]


DIPDatabase of Interacting ProteinsThe DIP database database that catalogs experimentally determined interactions between proteins. • [+]


ECEnzyme namingEnzyme Nomenclature Committee of the IUBMB - Recommendations on Biochemical & Organic Nomenclature, Symbols and Terminology. • [+]


NESGNESG annotation/gallerygalleries and annotation of structures solved at NESG. • [+]


Function Annotation of NYSGRCFunctional AnnotationProvides details on functional annotation of stucture solved by NYSGRC. • [+]


GermOnlineMicroarray expression datacross-species microarray expression database focusing on germline development, meiosis and gametogenesis as well as the mitotic cell cycle. • [+]


GOGene ontologyfunctional assignment and localization of proteins. • [+]


HPAExpression and localizationHuman Protein Atlas - database of gene expression, localization, and protein expression. • [+]


TOPSANfunctional annotationThe Open Protein Structure Annotation Network created by PSI JCSG • [+]

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