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This site summarizes updates made to the Structural Biology Knowledgebase

Last updated: April 28, 2015

Version 5.0, release July 16, 2015

In preparation for the sunset of PSI, we have redesigned our website yet again to highlight continuing services while archiving features that are retiring.

  • the Hubs have been converted into "Toolboxes", and providing links to useful services right from the homepage.
  • A new "E-collection" to house all of the highlight articles written by the Nature Publishing Group and David Goodsell
  • New cleaner look

Version 4.0, release July 1, 2013

We've changed the face of the SBKB entirely!

  • Modernized look-and-feel to all SBKB sites!
  • Improved organization of all PSI Portals and Tools
  • New unifying top SBKB menu to allow navigation between the Hubs and all SBKB partner sites
  • New "Discoveries Hub" that highlights PSI:Biology's impact in biology and technologies
  • New interactive "Collaborative Network" diagram - drag and explore the broader PSI:Biology Network
  • Updated web application to improve indexing by search engines
  • Added new PSI:Biology Partnerships to the PSI Centers page
  • Easier navigation from mobile devices and tablets

Version 3.1, release November 2012

In addition to weekly updates of our portals and databases, we have implemented several improvements:

  • Changed our editorial strategy to cover only one biological theme each month
  • New unifying top SBKB menu to allow navigation between the Hubs and all SBKB partner sites

Version 3.0, release July 21, 2011

Welcome to the new SBKB!  We've added some new options and features to help you find what you are looking for:

  • Option to search the SBKB by UniProt accession code (ex. Q12345)
  • New entry ways and web addresses for the Structural Target Proposal system ( and the Sequence Comparison and Analysis tool (
  • Page layout reorganized to reduce scrolling
  • Breaking news ticker

We've also included some new features when looking at search results, such as returning a list of prereleased structure sequences from the PDB.

This month, you should also check out UniProt, as they are adding the SBKB as a cross-reference database to every entry.  Now you can get your SBKB result while using UniProt.

Also, our partner sites have new homepages as well:

Version 2.3, release June 16, 2010

Additions to the SBKB database.

• added links to the Protein CD Data Bank in annotations notebook

• added links to the Membrane Protein Structure Database in annotations notebook

• the Protein Model Portal (PMP) has updated its list of precomputed theoretical models based on the UniProt release 2011_5. The PMP now consists of 22.3 million comparative protein models for 3.7 million distinct UniProt sequences.

Version 2.2, release September 25, 2010

The Functional Sleuth feature has new features to enable research:

• now lists all structures of unknown function from the entire PDB archive, not just those solved by the PSI

• browse structures by taxonomy, with tree of life image as a starting point

• ability to output the resulting list of structures into a spreadsheet.

Version 2.1, release August 19, 2010

Rebranding of the site from Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (SGKB) to the Structural Biology Knowledgebase (SBKB). 

• text revision

• left nav menu revised, organizing pages by scientific focus

Version 2.0, release March 25, 2010

• An expanded protein search capability with the addition of data from over 100 biological and biochemical databases

• An improved results presentation: (example: PDB ID 2I9Y)

- Integrated visualization of the three-dimensional protein structure and its features using FirstGlance

- A quick table summarizes availability of information from the most popular external sequence-, structure- and function-related resources

- All related protein properties (annotations) neatly displayed as a notebook and organized by biological categories such as “Gene-level”, “Protein-level”, “Functions” and more

•  A new narrated tutorial, published by OpenHelix™, demonstrating our newest features. This 60-minute tutorial is accompanied by exercises for high school- and college-level educators to use in the classroom. A Quick Reference Card to distribute to students is also available.  See the tutorial site for details.

• A new FAQ about how to use the SBKB’s various Web Services to search the database.

Instructions on how to install our new Web "widget", showing off the latest SGKB editorial content to plug into your blogs and websites. See our publication describing why we use this technology here.


The PSI-Nature Structural Biology Knowledgebase v2.0 is best viewed with Safari (all versions), Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0 and better.

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