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Functional Sleuth

Want to be a Functional Sleuth? Functional Sleuth enables further research for proteins in the
Protein Data Bank archive whose functions are unknown or minimally characterized.

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These "structures of unknown function" (SUFs) are organized by source organism. Select a domain/superkingdom or group (viruses, unclassified) to see all organisms that have SUFs; or jump to popular phyla or classes using the tree of life image below. Making a selection will launch an interactive tree browser. You can also download a text file of all SUF PDB IDs, updated weekly.

tree of life Flagellates Ciliates Brown Algae Red Algae Plants Fungi Fish Birds Mammals Insects Worms Amoeba Crenarchaeota Euryarchaeota Proteobacteria Gram Positive Bacteria Tenericutes Cyanobacteria Fusobacteria Chlamydiae Verricomicrobia Planctomycetes Fibrobacter Bacteroidetes Chlorobi Spirochaetes Dictyoglomi Deinococcus Chloroflexi Thermotogae Aquifex Archaea Bacteria Viruses Unclassified Prokaryotes Eukaryotes All

Right-click on any classification below to view the structure gallery and to download the list of PDB IDs an MS Excel-compatible format (CSV).

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