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With the completion of the sequencing of the genomes of human and other organisms, attention has focused on the characterization and function of proteins, the products of genes. The availability of sequence data and the growing impact of structural biology on biomedical research have prompted scientific groups from several countries to undertake projects in the emerging field of structural genomics. The objective is to make these structures widely available for clinical and basic studies that will expand the knowledge of the role of proteins both in normal biological processes and in disease. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) played a major role in the early planning for structural genomics and in 1999 organized a national program, the Protein Structure Initiative.

The PSI program officially concluded in 2015, having determined nearly 7000 protein structures, developed ~450 new or improved technologies, and wrote over 2200 publications. The impact of this work enabled the greater biological and biomedical communities.

PSI:Biology Mission

The goal of the Protein Structure Initiative:Biology program was to apply the paradigm of high-throughput structure determination via highly organized networks of investigators to solve the three-dimensional structure of proteins and macromolecular complexes of substantial biological and biomedical problems and to use these structures to understand their biological function.

PSI:Biology Organization

The following links to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the NIH component that supports the PSI, provide the organizational details of the PSI-funded centers, steering committee, program staff, and advisory committee.

PSI:Biology Network Centers and Partners

PSI:Biology Network

PSI:Biology Advisory Committee

NIGMS PSI:Biology Staff

PSI:Biology Policies

PSI Policy on Using PSI Structures for a Rolling Critical Assessment of Modeling and Experimental - Computational Hybrid Methods

Policy on Release of Structures

PSI Policies on Community-Nominated Targets

PSI-2 and PSI:Biology Reports

Report from the NIGMS Future of Structural Biology Committees Committee, Dec 2014 (PDF | 262 Kb)

PSI:Biology Evaluation Team Report, Sept 2013 (PDF | 120KB)

Report from the PSI:Biology Advisory Committee, Dec 2012 (PDF | 402 Kb)

Report from the PSI:Biology Advisory Committee, Dec 2011 (HTML)

Report from the PSI:Biology Advisory Committee, Dec 2010 (HTML)

Report from the PSI Advisory Committee, Dec 2009 (PDF | 14 Kb)

Opportunities for Structural Genomics Beyond 2010 : Creating Partnerships for the Future, 2009 (PDF | 4.1 Mb)

Report of the Future Structural Genomics Initiatives Meeting, 2008 (HTML)

Report of the Protein Structure Initiative Assessment Panel, 2007 (HTML)

Assessment of the Protein Structure Initiative, 2007 (HTML)


The Protein Structure Initiative Structural Biology Knowledgebase (SBKB) is a Resource Center within the PSI Program. The goal of the Structural Biology Knowledgebase is to turn the products of the Protein Structure Initiative effort into knowledge that is important for understanding biological systems and disease.

PSI SBKB staff:

Helen M. Berman (Director, Rutgers University)
Li Chen
Margaret J. Gabanyi
Robert Lowe
Ezra Peisach
Wendy Tao
John Westbrook

PSI Resource Leaders:

Models: Torsten Schwede, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics/Biozentrum University of Basel
Experimental Data Tracking: Helen Berman, Rutgers University
Technology: Paul Adams, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Publications: Wladek Minor, University of Virginia
Material Repository: Josh LaBaer, ASU Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University

Structural Biology Knowledgebase ISSN: 1758-1338
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